Being a new mom, I heard all the rave about the expensive BOB strollers. Commonly known for their ease of use while jogging, the strollers are a hot commodity that are valued well over $300 new.

Being so popular, these strollers should be safe.. Right?


As it turns out, the BOB strollers have been causing catastrophic injuries to both parents and children.

What in the world is going on?!

Multiple families were injured by the front tire of these strollers suddenly falling off. Poor parents and children sustained cuts, bruises, broken teeth, and in some cases much worse. These strollers were supposed to have an easily detachable front wheel, but users didn’t expect for it to detach itself!

What is BOB’s response?

Well, the company decided to fight the early 2019 allegations and claim that the injuries sustained were as a result of misuse of the product. They REFUSED the voluntary recall. They REFUSED! Seventeen types of the BOB stroller have the axel in question. Half a million strollers were effected.

Let that sink in..

Britax, the maker of BOB jogging strollers refused to recall their faulty product. Need I remind you, there were over 200 complaints filed to the commission!

Britax’s resolution to the issue at hand? On a statement on their website, they suggested that parents check the front wheel before every use.

How in the world are they getting away with it?

Where is the news coverage?

The only update in the case is the fact that the Consumer Product Safety Commission laid out an informational update for the dangerous condition of the stroller’s axel in July 2019.

What good is a silent notice? No good!!

From the Britax side of things, they will simply offer you a free axel or a discount of twenty percent on a new stroller. I’ll pass.


My only hope is that shedding light on the subject will not only convince the owners of BOB strollers, Britax, to recall the products, but also for the government to rethink their law.


Bob claims the answer to the stroller's issues comes as a result of parents not checking the stroller's quick release front wheel before each use.

The model number for the defective strollers is S11393700. The strollers were created between 2009-2015. Consumer Reports lists the effected strollers: Ironman, Ironman Duallie, Revolution, Revolution CE, Revolution Flex, Revolution Flex Duallie, Revolution Pro, Revolution Pro Duallie, Revolution SE, Revolution SE Demo, Revolution SE Duallie, Revolution SE Duallie Plus, Revolution SE Plus, Sport Utility Stroller, Stroller Strides, Stroller Strides Duallie, and SUS Duallie.

Stay tuned for my rant on the law that protects companies during recall cases.