Shoutout to all the wives dealing with the crazies:
-the deployment curses
-the deployment blues
-the deployment children!

This life isn't easy, but it is always worth it.

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder that all over the world
there are military spouses going through exactly the same thing as you are.

Laugh it off. Okay, maybe you're not ready to laugh!

Eventually you'll snicker at all the crazy things you
had to endure while your spouse was off fighting the good fight.

Day by Day

The youngest won't eat
The oldest won't stop
I'm pretty sure my hair is tied in one big knot

The toilet isn't flushing
I still can't find my keys
I need a dose of sunshine-- but I'm just too scared to leave

The dog ate the remote
The grass is getting thick
I'm really just surprised I haven't lost my head

I think I'll change my name now
I've heard mama way too much
One kid is drooling on my pillow as I try to type this up

Amazon needs to offer me a discount
Oh praise the Lord for prime
I'm pretty sure we've worn our pajamas for an entire weeks time

I've thrown vegetables out the window
I'm just too tired to fight
Why can't Chicfila open on Sundays for deployment ridden wives

Don't dare glare at me in Walmart
Don't judge the things I'll wear
My kid is having a meltdown
I'm trying not to pull out my hair

See you know this is hard on me
Have you thought about my kids
You'll assume they're bad children without any discipline

Just wait your turn
Please know this is true
The deployment curse is real and it'll make its way to you

At the end of this deployment I will cry when he comes home
You'll think its cause I've missed him
Honestly I just can't wait to bathe alone!