The maker’s world is an exciting one, but it can get costly quick. Between purchasing your machines and materials, there is little room left for fancy add-ons. I decided to share my insight on obtaining free fonts for your computer DIY projects. This website is especially valuable for Cricut users that do not want to subscribe to the monthly Cricut plan. 

My favorite website for free fonts:

Dafont is easily my favorite website for free fonts. You’ll find that it comes highly recommended in the Cricut world. I discovered this gem back in July of 2019 when I started my research into the Cricut world. You can download and use as many fonts as you want from that website. There are fonts of all different kinds and themes, including holidays and popular movies. 

How to use the fonts from DaFont:

Using Dafont can seem a little tricky at first, but once you figure out the process you realize that you too can be a computer guru! 😉 I’ve provided all my steps for downloading and using your new fonts from the Dafont website onto a MAC computer.

Step 1:

When you navigate to the website you will see on the home page that there are multiple categories across the top bar. Newly posted fonts are also displayed on the home screen, and you can see them by scrolling down.You do not have to make an account to download or use the fonts.

You do have to be careful because there are a lot of ads on the website, but it is free, so you cannot complain!

The Dafont website home page.
Step 2:

Scroll through all of the fancy fonts, and find one that you like. The example text is the name of the font. What you see is the depiction of the script. To the right of the example of how that particular font looks, you will see a gray button that says download. Click the download button to download the font you have chosen onto your computer.

Choosing the font you want to download.
Step 3:

After you click to download the font you liked, it will go onto your computer in the form of a Zip. The downloaded font should show on the bottom of your internet browser as your computer processes the download. The file name should look something like ‘’. It should only take a second or two for your computer to download the zip file, and you will know its done when there is nothing spinning on the file. Click on the downloaded zip file.

**If your download does not show up on the bottom of your browser, then navigate to your ‘Finder’ on your Mac book to find the zip file by searching the name of the font. 

Opening the zip file on your computer.
Step 4:

After you’ve clicked on the downloaded zip file, your computer will process the download for a moment, and open up a new screen. The screen that opens is your computer’s finder. On your finder you will see the font file along with all of your other downloads. When you double click on the font file, your Mac will open your Font Book along with the preview of the font you just downloaded. Click to download the font. Downloading the font transfers the file from a Zip file into a .otf file. The .otf file is a useable format for the Cricut design space.

Installing the correct file into your computer's font book.
Step 5:

Wahoo, your font is successfully downloaded onto your computer! The hard part is officially over. Launch your Cricut design space and type your text. If your design space was already open, you will need to close the program and open it again for the design space to register that you added a new font. Navigate over to the ‘system fonts’ and type in the name of the font you just downloaded. There you go!

Adding text to your Cricut Design Space.
Finding your new font on the Cricut Design Space.

Like I mentioned before, Dafont is really an awesome resource for crafters. I have a Cricut Maker, and I have been able to download multiple fonts onto my computer, and they show up on my Cricut design space. Once you download a few fonts, you can easily get a hang of the process. 

If you have any questions or problems following my instructions, then please feel free to drop a comment below, or shoot me an email!

I would love to know what you are crafting.

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