Hurricane Preparation

Hello, Dorian..

On the eve of this year’s first nasty hurricane, Dorian, I thought it was time to get serious about hurricane preparation.

This is a broad spectrum post for anyone in the hurricane’s path, but a military related post will follow.

Georgia’s governor has issued a mandatory evacuation. Information on that can be found here.

South Carolina is also under an evacuation notice, and their information can be found here.

Facing an upcoming storm can be extremely stressful, and we all know that stress can cause you to forget things. Hopefully reading through this will better prepare you for the upcoming monstrosity. In this article I will cover information that is relevant for people leaving their homes, and for those that are staying.

Home Prep

Things to consider around your home:


-Empty your fridge/freezer and take what you can with you. Don’t forget to dump out and turn off your ice tray to lessen the amount of water that may melt and damage your floors.

-Unplug your electronics. (TVs/ Air purifiers / Game systems)



-Board your windows.

-Anchor down play sets/ trampolines.

-Move grills/ machinery into a covered area.

-Place sandbags in doorways.

Family Prep

Packing up your home and family is a hair-pulling process to do things like go on vacation, so imagine how you will feel packing up to leave with a storm on the way. It is extremely important to take major documents like marriage licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, and copies of your insurance policies if you cannot access them online. If you don’t have a lock-box, then this is the perfect time to invest in one. Don’t forget to restock on your medication before you leave town, or obtain a prescription to take with you to a pharmacy where you are going.

Please, PLEASE TAKE YOUR ANIMALS! Don’t forget to make sure that all of your animals are wearing their tags with your updated information on them. If your vet has any availability, then consider taking your animal in to be chipped. If something were to happen and you were to become separated from your animal, microchips are more reliable than a collar/harness.

Emotional Prep

Understand that you are leaving your home and your belongings in the path of a storm. You do not know the conditions you will return to. Prepare yourself for the worst, and things will be easier to handle. You are leaving your home for the safety of your family, and that is worth much more than any material item.

If you are a believer, then don’t forget to pray. In emotional times we become reckless and turn from God when we actually should be drawing near to him.

For those anchoring down

Of course, the things I mentioned on prepping your house are relevant for you if you are staying, but there is also a whole other ballgame to get ready for. 

Consider purchasing a generator if you haven’t done so already. Make sure that your generator is operating beforehand, and that you have gas for it. Fill a bathtub up with water/ purchase water. Purchase non-perishable food items. Purchase extra food for your animals. Purchase candles/flashlights/batteries. Purchase/ stock your first aid kit. Purchase portable battery packs to charge your phones. Consider purchasing a battery operated radio. Dedicate an indoor room in your house as a safe room in the event that things become extremely bad.

As always, stay safe my friends! I am prayingfor everyone in Dorian's path.