For those that do not know– FRG is the acronym for the Family Readiness Group. They are an incredible resource for spouses, providing information related to your military members’ day to day schedules as well as providing deployment information.

I still remember my first FRG event. I got the invite through an email, and I signed myself up. It was a wine and design event on a Friday night.

I signed up quickly like I was all in, but in reality I told my husband 100 times that there was no way I was going.

Friday crept up on me, and my dumb self had prepaid, so I had no other option but to attend.

(If ya know me– I don’t waste money lol!)

The little paint shop was only about 20 minutes from our apartment, but we were new to the area, so I had no idea where I was going. I left early to make sure I wasn’t awkwardly walking in late, but in reality I ended up awkwardly sitting in the parking lot early. Ugh! It was one big awkward mess in my head!

I didn’t know any of the wives that had signed up with the exception of one sweet soul that I had reached out to, and unfortunately she moved not long after.

I had overthought the entire situation. Sure, some wives stuck with the people they knew, and overlooked my presence, but it was the one wife that went out of her way to greet me and talk to me that changed my entire outlook. (I do not blame those people for not talking to me! You stick with a group of people that make you feel comfortable and that is human nature!)

Joanna is an absolute doll. When I walked in she asked for my name, welcomed me to the event, and checked in with me throughout the entire night. 

Every time that woman saw me after that event, she greeted me with the most genuine smile and asked me how I was doing. She made me feel comfortable, and truly welcome. 

Joining the FRG has given me the chance for an immense amount of volunteer opportunities. You can do a little, or you can do a lot! I started off as a key caller, and about three months later I got much more involved. As of right now I am a key caller, part of the event coordination team, and part of the fundraiser support.

With that being said, you don’t have to commit yourself that much! Maybe you only have time to be a key caller, and that is totally fine. People go in and out of seasons in their life where they have the ability to volunteer. People move. People have children. You volunteer when YOU can!

Join your FRG!

Having a group of spouses who truly understand what you’re going through makes this crazy life just a little bit easier. 

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