My Ridiculous In-laws

My father-in-law asked me recently if I had published an article talking about how ridiculous that side of my family was. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have a clever comeback.

BUT here we are now~ This one is for you Johnny!

Where do I even begin?

My in-laws are ridiculous.

It all starts with my husband’s grandpa which I will refer to as Papa. He’s the most ridiculous. Good Lord rest his soul. That man was ruthless. He told me on a regular basis that my husband had some girlfriends on the side. The man even beat me to insulting myself! I tried to tell him how big I had gotten at 8 months pregnant, which by the way wasn’t big at all, and he told me the minute I walked in the door that I was as big as the house. If you knew papa, you knew just how ridiculous he was. 

Then we have my mother-in-law’s parents, mema and grandaddy. They love so ridiculously hard. I’ve never met two people more willing to serve. I met them soon after my husband and I began dating, and they have loved me like their own ever since. Have you ever been asked 5 times in twenty minutes if you need a drink or a snack? Yeah, they’re that kind of grandparents. The kind that make strawberry cake for dessert just because you love it. They’re the grandparents that hug you and tell you how thankful they are that you came to dinner. They are the most considerate people.

Oh my mother-in-law. I don’t know how that woman does it. She is such a saint, its ridiculous. She is the most genuine person I have ever met. With parents like mema and grandaddy, its no wonder she’s so perfect. That woman can cook up a storm too. I’ve never eaten a meal I didn’t absolutely love.

Don’t even get me started on my father-in-law. It is beyond ridiculous how many jokes that man has up his sleeve. He works from 4:30AM- 5 or 6 PM and still makes it to all of his kid’s events. He might be exhausted, but you can’t tell. Thankfully, my husband is absolutely a clone of his father: hardworking, stern, God-fearing, and full of funny lines you never expect to hear.

He harped on me about writing about how ridiculous this family is, and he’s absolutely right.

I am ridiculously blessed with the most amazing in-laws I could ever have dreamed of.