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A Few Of Max's Favorite Things

If you know me, then you know my life revolves around my boys and their happiness.. That definitely includes my male shepherd, Maximus. 

Before the birth of my youngest in May 2019, Max lived the glorious life of an only child. He lounged around the house, ate a few tennis balls, chased all of the neighborhood squirrels, and slept on the bed when dad was gone. Honestly, things didn’t change much when my son Colten came into the picture. Max still rules the roost, but now he is finally working for his portion of the bills. Max works 24/7 as a guard dog. 

My gentle giant has become so dedicated to protecting his younger brother. It is only right that he is rewarded for his selfless efforts as Colten’s protector.

The good boy's favorite things:

Max has his mama wrapped around his finger. If he wants it, then he gets it! 

Shh don’t tell his dad!



Other things

Your dog called, they are jealous…

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