Western North Carolina, a place you need to see

Hendersonville, North Carolina is a slow down town. Like many of the places in Western North Carolina, it is home to outstanding views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Who does not want to spend a weekend relaxing in the hot tub at a long cabin? I’m all in.

You can find log cabins around the globe, but there is more to that quaint town than that. For adult friendly attractions, there are wineries, breweries, and vineyards. Wine tasting anyone??

Family friendly places are all around too. Scenic adventures close by to Hendersonville include the following places: Chimney Rock, Dupont State Recreational Forest, Grandfather Mountain, and the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

Chimney Rock--Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

In high school I took a trip with my husband’s family to Chimney Rock. I was mortified when I looked out my window to find the edge of the cliff was so close, but the view from the cabin was worth it. We hiked all the way up chimney rock because the elevator was broken. My legs were definitely jello the next day.

Since I was worthless when it came to walking, Travis and I went kayaking the next day. When I got to the middle of the pond a spider came crawling out to meet me. I almost flipped the kayak and drowned myself trying to kill it. In all of the commotion, a goose evidently felt threatened by my screams and came flying after me too.. I tread lightly around geese now. Not quite sure why she felt so sassy when she was not the one whose life was on the line because of a spider. 

So in short, check your kayaks my friends. Check them once, and check them again! Do not make my mistake! Thank goodness my husband was crazy about me back then too because I embarrassed myself.

Luckily I was able to redeem the entire the experience by the beautiful picture I snapped of the sunset from the middle of the lake. Thank goodness I did not flip the kayak and lose my phone on top of everything else.

I am more of a beach person over being a  mountain lover, but the experience was one of a kind. Just like when you get close to the beach and you can tell the air has changed, it happens in the mountains too. Instead of the warm salt breeze, there is a crisp freshness to the smell of mountain air.

Photo by Evgeny Dzhumaev on Unsplash

The people that call western North Carolina home get to experience the beauty and all that the Hendersonville area has to offer on a regular basis. A weekend vacation is not nearly enough time for all that you need to explore. On top of all the hiking you can do, there are a number of luxurious event venues in the area. 

Jeter Mountain Farm is a gem in the mine of event venues. The farm is so incredible that it was no surprise to me to discover it’s deeds were established twenty-five years before Hendersonville even officially existed. (History nerd over here– I knew something was drawing me to this place!) They offer space for wedding, business gatherings, and other events. To accommodate for unpredictable weather, they have a ginormous climate controlled barn. Rain on your big day? No problem, they have you covered! 

Old wives tales say that rain on a wedding day is good luck anyways!

The farm is nothing short of breathtaking. With their rolling acres of apple orchards, you’re sure to find gorgeous spots for pictures. You read that right, they run an apple farm too! To make it even better, they grow more than just apples. They regularly grow peaches, berries, tomatoes, and hay. You can check on their Instagram for days that they are open for the public to pick fresh fruit from the orchard. Talk about super family friendly. This farm really does have it all. You get to enjoy time with your family, take scenic pictures, as well as support a local farm and family owned business.

How often to do you get to see the faces behind the produce you are enjoying? Not often enough in my opinion.

Inside the barn at Jeter Mountain Farm

You can check out all that Jeter Mountain Farm has to offer by going to their website or Instagram page.

This post was sponsored by Jeter Mountain Farm.