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It means so much to me that you’re supporting Homegrown Happiness Co!

I started my website after being laid off by a closing company. I was pregnant and overwhelmed by emotions. I turned to Homegrown Happiness Co to do the only thing that I felt I was ever any good at– writing.

When I’m not writing, I’m laying in a refreshing bubble bath while I sip mimosas.. Who am I kidding. If I’m not writing here, then I’m writing somewhere else! I am a freelance virtual assistant and a boy mama. I’m always busy!

Please reach out to me if you ever have any questions!

My GSD wearing an american flag bandana.

My social media


You can find Homegrown Happiness on Pinterest! I also run a number of tribes for those that are interested in marketing through Pinterest.

Parenting Tribe / Military Lifestyle Tribe / Business Tribe / Foodie 101 Tribe


You can keep up with all things Homegrown Happiness Co through the Facebook page. There is a lot of content from this site as well as things that I promote of my partners!


If you’re interested in growing your outreach, then add me on Linked-in! Just make sure to send me a message about where you found me. 


The Homegrown Happiness Co Instagram page is my parenting and lifestyle focused photograph heaven. There are tons of pictures of my adorable little boy on there!

The MilCoLab

The MilCoLab is the Homegrown Happiness Co sister company. Leslie with The Lewnited States and I co-own that wonderful business. We specialize in resources and services for military owned businesses.


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