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The Outsider's Opinion

Why has our society made it so taboo to seek counseling? 

Why have we continuously casted judgment and deemed counseling for the unstable?

I am drawing the line. This cannot go on. We cannot continue to deny the help of counselors because of our own self inflicted scrutiny. 

It doesn't matter what people think of you.

You don’t have to be embarrassed. You don’t have to sit in a lobby and wait for your name to be called. You don’t have to wonder if everyone in the room is looking as you walk through the door. There are multiple other options for you.

Ray of Hope Counseling offers online services. They get it. They’re human too. They understand how hard it is to open up to people you know when you have a problem, let alone a complete stranger.

So you say you have no fears, and can easily open up to a stranger? Seeking counseling online isn’t your only option with Ray of Hope. They have eight locations around western Georgia. One of their many locations is in Lawrenceville

Asking for help isn’t bad. Asking for help isn’t wrong.

We teach our children to ask for help, so why can’t we?

Asking for help is so hard for adults because we live in a constant state of strong.. Or at least we try to. We keep a serious facade and a stick straight composure because we yearn to set an example. Our children think we are fearless. We kill spiders without flinching. We check under the bed for monsters without a second thought. We are super human. But in reality we aren’t. We are overwhelmed. We are overworked. We are underpaid. We are human, whether we like it or not.

You should aim to teach your children that you are as strong as you seem, and you are willing to admit when you need help. 

You don’t have to be in the middle of a ‘crisis’ to seek help. Sometimes an outsider’s opinion is what you need for the encouragement to go back to school. For the pep talk you need to step out of your comfort zone. For the coping mechanisms you should learn to overcome your fear. For the family discussion that needs to be had. For the marital bond to strengthen. For the ideas of how to deal with your debt.

You can go to counseling as a family to learn to work out problems before they have the chance to escalate into an argument. 

You can take your child to counseling for food therapy.

You can go to counseling alone to learn ways to decrease your stress.

Counseling is always personal to your situation, and ALWAYS a private matter. The rules of doctor-client relationships applies to counseling. 

Those are just the beginning of all the reasons counseling is beneficial! I didn’t realize the magic counseling could work before I began working at a methadone clinic. Counseling was required by the clinic for the patients to be administered methadone for their recovery from drug addictions. Those counselors were the gateway to overcoming addictions for people of all ages, genders, and races. It was heartbreaking to see these people so down and out, but the trust and confidence they put in their relationship with their counselor was incredible.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Anxiety. Postpartum depression (PPD). Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Depression. Eating Disorders. Stress. Suicidal Thoughts. Anger management. Family problems. Grief share. Feelings of helplessness. Addiction. Finance issues. Trauma survivors. Sexual assault survivors. Abuse survivors.

Let the counselors in, and let the worry out.

Do not feel like a counselor is going to try to overrun your decisions, or make them for you. Counseling is in place to offer suggestions. They are there to listen. You will find that an outsider’s opinion can help you better handle a situation because they are able to see it as a whole whereas you only see things through your own eyes. They lay out your options for you, and you are still free to choose the way. 

They are also mediators for people who seek group counseling (ie couples). Their job is not to take sides, or determine who is right or wrong. They are there to teach you how to discuss things with your partner. It helps to talk to your partner from the standpoint of ‘I’ versus the standpoint of ‘you’. For example, ‘I feel upset’ is much better than ‘You made me upset’. Learning not to place blame can keep an argument from escalating. 

You have these incredible resources in front of you, use them. There is no more room for excuses. This awesome company offers you counseling services on your phone or computer, and we all know that you’re on that all day long!

You are not dumb for seeking help. You are not needy for wanting someone to talk to. You are not overly emotional. You are not overly exaggerating the situation. You are not overreacting. You are not a burden. Your situation is not so minute that it is below the realm of being deserving counseling.

You are doing what is best for you. That is the only thing that matters.

Seeking the outsider’s opinion, and overrun the taboo. 

The post was sponsored by Ray of Hope Counseling.

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